Blue Arrow Missouri

Greenway Magazine – July/August 2020

Blue Arrow Botanical was recently featured in Greenway Magazine‘s July/August Issue! Read more on page 26.

Why Cannabis?

We are proud to be a Missouri family owned and operated vertical company that became involved in the cannabis industry for both personal and business reasons.

John Wilbers – our founder and CEO – is a personal injury attorney with offices in St. Louis and Jefferson City. Over the years, he has watched his clients endure incredible chronic pain and suffering and turn to traditional medicine for relief. But then the opioid crisis emerged and people began dying, or at the very least, becoming addicted to painkillers on end at the cost of everything they held dear. We knew there had to be a better approach. We truly believe that plant-based pharmaceuticals like cannabis represent the future in promoting physical and emotional wellness at affordable prices and without harmful side effects.

On the business side, the high-reward economic opportunity of this industry was clear. We were also intrigued by being involved in the emergence of a new industry in our home state, and in being on the ground floor in crafting its growth and watching its impact. We took full advantage of the state’s incentive to locate our facilities in underserved areas in St. Louis and Kansas City and look forward to being a catalyst for other investments in these communities.


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