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Meet the Blue Arrow Team

We, at Blue Arrow Botanicals, seek to help bring medical marijuana to the forefront of Missouri’s healthcare system through future-minded, patient-centric growing, manufacturing and selling of premier products that improve the quality of life for our fellow Missourians and allow us to give back to the communities we serve. We are passionate about developing and offering marijuana products that fully address long-term pain and suffering and provide a viable alternative to opioids. Meet the team behind Blue Arrow Botanicals.

CEO and Chairman of the Board – John Wilbers, J.D

John Wilbers is a personal injury attorney in a Missouri family firm spanning more than 60 years in service. John viewed the state’s medical marijuana program as an opportunity to continue the corporate and civic path his father had blazed for decades before him. John wanted to do his part in keeping the Missouri medical marijuana licenses in Missouri and addressing the kinds of long-term pain he has seen clients suffer – without the use of opioids.

President – Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard joins the Blue Arrow team after a career-spanning 30+ years overseeing policing strategies and deployment of manpower for the 800+ uniformed police officers in the St. Louis Police Department. Daniel’s expertise in security and long-standing relationship to local law enforcement gives Blue Arrow a definite edge.

Advisor – Gregg Badami

Gregg Badami, our advisor, bridges the gap between gold-standard marijuana cannabis experience and local business acumen. Greg brings his 3 years of experience in the California marijuana market and decades of supply-chain efficiency philosophy developed in Missouri. After selling his multi-million-dollar nonwoven business in 2014, Gregg began applying his refined, trial-by-error lessons to the burgeoning marijuana industry and was admittedly not fully prepared to enter the marijuana space.

Chief Operating Officer – Zach Voudrie

Zach Voudrie has 20+ years in the investigative and security industry and government counter-intelligence, giving him an unparalleled understanding of people and how they operate. Zach is a lifelong Missourian whose longstanding community and political contacts open countless doors for the company.

Chief Financial Officer – Dr. Chris Dussold

Chris is a Consultant, Managing Partner, and co-founder of Avail Professional Services specializing in financial and accounting integration and implementation. His projects include work in areas such as financial modeling, budgeting, working capital management, and capital structure. Chris has worked in consulting for 18 years helping clients understand difficult business situations with individualized solutions and integrations. He simultaneously worked in the academe doing research in such areas as IPOs, carveouts, repurchases, return on capital, market-disrupting events, and public finance.

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